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About us

What is ReviewRoot?

Imagine saving some money for a gadget you've wanted ever since it was launched or you heard about it. When it comes to electronics, we want the best stuff - maybe to the best price as well. It doesn't matter if it's a super-cool television or a pixel-eating digital camera. When we buy electronics today, it's often an investment in our life which makes it possible to enjoy it even more than usual. So if it happens, and we buy something for our savings and it turns out to be the worst crap ever, it disapoints us and ruins the day.

These days, the supply of electronic products are nothing short of ridiculous. However, we're lucky that a lot of independent websites takes the time to test the majority of these products. gathers all these tests, so that you don't need to google more or less creative to find the tests and reviews you're looking for.

From early 2013 we began adding our own review where we try to gather opinions from the different review-websites and base our own opinion on practical use of the product.

Who are we? was founded by Tobias Kierk in early 2010 with a lot of help from his friend Torin Finnemann Jensen.

Tobias came up with the idea of a website like when he was to buy a new Digital SLR camera. He used hours google'ing but really missed a website that, in a simple way, gathered reviews from all around the world and in all kinds of product categories. There were some, but they all had a lot of other content than what he needed. Hence, he had to make a website of his own.